Group safaris and tour packages

We are here to actualize your dream of having a memorable travel experience to your destination of choice. The group travel packages are tailor made to meet the needs of the clients

Honeymoon packages

Thank you for choosing Vercelli to help in planning the most romantic and memorable honeymoon experience to culminate you recent nuptials.Our staff is on hand to answer all your questions in the planning of your honeymoon. Whether it is a surprise destination or the couple is involved in the arrangement plans, we look forward to ensuring that this trip as a wedded couple will be filled with amazing memories that you will remember years later.

From bush destinations to beach side adventures, we are not short of ideas on how to best cater and fulfill your very last request. We shall provide thoroughly researched packages giving our clients the very best service ensuring that not only do they get the value for their money but they have the time of their lives.

Congratulations from us at Vercelli and comeback soon!

(Anniversary Holidays/Engagement Packages/ Destination Weddings)